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As probably everyone knows, a team is essential for a top athlete. In the equestrian sports a team consists of trainers, sponsors but also supporters and fans. Sponsors can help athletes to fulfil there dreams. They give people like me the opportunity to improve their results and reach ambitious goals. But as I mentioned before, fans and supporters are very important as well! For me a team means a group of people that supports me and trusts me as a person as well as a top athlete.

A team is highly important to me. That is one of the reasons I build this site in the first place.

I like to be interactive with people that are interested in my passion for dressage and most of all who appreciate my ambition in this.

This website is one of the means by which I would like to be in contact with sponsors and supporters and fans. It gives you information about me, my horses and all news facts around us. Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting,

Marjolein Cho Chia Yuen